Saturday, May 11, 2013

Thai Culinary by Katherine

Thai Culinary is in the heart of the city. I have read many good things about it from the seven other bloggers who have blogged on about it such as Yellow Eggs and Lets Get Fat together. I had expected many great things from such a cheap but good student eatery.

It is very close to RMIT.

It is a tiny shop and even so it wasn't busy. There were a few Asians there but most were Caucasian. Note: since this is a tiny shop there is no bathrooms here. Instead they are in the market or on A Beckett st somewhere.

The service was good nor bad. It was fast though. But the place did smell a bit like vinegar.

I went with an Australian friend of mine.

I didn't order any drinks this time, but my Australian friend did. He ordered a Thai iced coffee ($3.50) which was massive. He seemed to really enjoy this and I gotta say it looked good.

I had the Pad thai ( vegetarian- $9). Whilst the noodles were perfect, I thought that there was way too much sauce in it that I couldn't really taste the veggies in there. I also thought that the sauce was way too sweet.

My Australian friend had the Thai Green curry ($9.50) and he thought it was perfect. I had a sample of the curry and the rice was perfectly cooked but the sauce was watered down. I loved the veggies and the chicken and this fared a little bit better than the Pad Thai.

Hmm. Not sure if I'll return seeing as Ghin Khao is also close by and fared a bit better.
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