Saturday, May 11, 2013

Jimbo and rex by Katherine

Jimbo and Rex had just opened in October last year. So they are fairly new.

Here along with Emporio Della Pasta and Cotta they have a footy lunch time promotion. For $9.90 you can have steak, parmigiana and burger with your choice of drink and fries.

So naturally it was busy when Sally and I arrived for lunch. There was an expo that day at the Exhibition centre; naturally everyone flocked to Crown for lunch.

It is a pub.

They do pizzas as well as steak, burgers and chips.

The normal burgers are $18. And it comes without a drink.

My server was a bit flustered and hence service was a bit disorganized. There were a couple of tables who got the wrong meals and I think there was a meal that got sent back.

Service was a little bit slow as well. It took a while for the meals to come, but our drinks didn't take long. Sally wanted to try a pint of beer and I wanted just my lemonade.

Sally had the parmigiana and I had the beef burger. I really wanted a veggie burger but sadly they don't cater for vegetarians. I saw someone's steak and it looked huge. When Sally's Parmigiana came it was huge

My burger wasn't mind blowing, it was just ok. And the buns tasted just like the ones from Mc Donalds. The french fries also reminded me of Mc Donalds. A little more salt wouldn't have gone astray. Sally had put lots and lots of tomato sauce in her meal; that's how bland it was. But she loved her chicken parmigiana.

The beef patty was just ok, nothing mind blowing.

I don't know that I'd return in a hurry...unless its only just for drinks and perhaps chips? I prefer the Merrywell anyday.

Note: Jimbo and Rex are featured in the 2014/2015 Entertainment book and they are offering 25% off the total bill for members. Do sign up to be a member here and you will be supporting us.
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