Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Andrews Hamburgers by Katherine

Andrews Hamburgers has been around ever since 1939 and have been a favourite with the locals and tourists alike. It is right near a tram stop (in fact right outside one).  It is about ten minutes walk from MSAC which is perfect lunch spot for RMIT students.

They are classified as a cheap eat and have been for a long time. Numerous people have raved on about the place. About 40 plus bloggers raved on about this place so I must have been the last to know about this hideout.

They are just an old school takeout shop but they do have limited seating.There is also the option of enjoying your burger at the park or at MSAC.  And yes they are open for lunch and dinner.

Here your meal doesn't take long to cook- it takes only 10 minutes. And they are cash only.

I got the vegetarian burger with an extra of egg and pineapple. All for $9.50. That and a side of chips $2.50.

The burger itself reminded me of my early Year Twelve days when I used to hang out at a friend's house and here we used to get the old school fish and chips.  It was that good. But the burger as so big that it was hard to get my mouth around it in one go- all the filling fell out onto the plate and I had to ask for a fork.

But... loved everything about it. Loved the fresh salad and lovely cooked egg.

The chips were just pure goodness

I was full after that.

Andrews hamburgers are about a ten minute walk away from MSAC. Hence students should come here rather than go home for lunch on their exam days. If I had exams I would happily come back and enjoy a burger here, rather than pay for horrendous food at MSAC
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