Monday, April 1, 2013

Babu Burgers and Balls by Katherine

Babu burgers is a place in Chapel st opposite Swinburne campus.

But the area in itself is still pretty busy with students, cars and families.
Chapel st on a saturday is a nightmare, hence we chose to tram/train it there. Someone once told me that it is $15 per hour just to park there. With trains and trams it costs about $3.30 on the weekends and with MYKI pass it is virtually free.

Sally and I arrived there just after 1pm and it was not busy. But at 2pm families started coming. It was a long and leisurely lunch.

We used our Meld Student discount of $10 burger with chips and we both added drinks to our order. I had the lemon lime and bitters ($3.50- it came in a huge glass and was the nicest ever tasted) and Sally had the Ginger ale ($3).

With the Meld student discount you can order a meat, veggie or chicken burger. It would be the same with the Entertainment book (which launches in April 2013).

The meals came pretty fast. Sally and I both had vegetarian burgers. Sally got hers with the beetroot and jalepinos.

When they came to the table they looked pretty darn good and they were both open burgers which is easier to eat with a fork and knife. These were much better and much more fullfilling than the ones at Grilld across the road. Who says that vegetarian has to be boring and dry?

Babu burgers makes their own sauces and beers/cider. I tried the pink mayonaise on my chips and it tasted like plain old mayonaise. But I still enjoyed it.

I'd love to come back to Babu. If only they'd advertise as to which holidays they are closed.

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