Saturday, February 16, 2013

Captains of Industry by Katherine

Captains of Industry has been around for two years. Just that I never got a chance to try the place. The place has been raved about for some time especially from the Age that seemed to like it.

The place is really close to RMIT hence it is great for students to hang out. They have one communual table and plenty of seating. Its like a library in here where you can sit and study or do group work.

I loved the decor here. Here it reminded me of an old 1850's barber shop and it still is to this day. Here I saw one guy getting his hair cut.

They are a big, airy warehouse.  Just walk up a set of wooden stairs and you are there. It's not a good idea to wear those high heels to this place.

I could smell freshly squeezed juice as I was walking up the stairs.

The guys that work in this place are lovely and easy to chat to. Notice that only guys work here as this is actually a gentleman's outfitter place.

Here they make all sorts of coffee any way you like except for cold drip. All for $3.50 (except the iced one which is $4)

Here I had their speciality of "Captain's Industry pocket" ($12). It was just a wrap with egg, bacon, potato and onion. It was lovely and unlike other places (think Jalan Alor), it was made freshly. I could see them doing it in their open kitchen.

Their iced coffee was just normal iced coffee but with just a little bit too much ice in it.

I think I'd come back only just for their breakfasts and juices.
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