Monday, January 14, 2013

the eight best coffee spots in Melbourne CBD by Katherine

And all is under $10 for food and coffee.
1) PADRE Coffee @Queen Victoria market outside M shed.
At the beggining of this year PADRE a coffee roaster here in Melbourne has opened another stall. This time at the Queen Victoria market. Already successful at their South Melbourne Market stall this did not disappoint. Normally $3.50 per cup of coffee, but I got mine free on opening day.
At a later visit I paid $7.50 for both the egg tart and the coffee. Yet they are just as successful as the first day

2) Switchboard cafe
Switchboard Cafe on Urbanspoon 3) The Cup of Truth

Cup of Truth on Urbanspoon 4) Coffee Exchange
This is hidden away in Lt Collins st at the top end of the city. Here they have a $5.50 weekday special of crossaint and normal coffees good for a pick me up.
The place is homely and its a great place to study and meetings Coffee Exchange on Urbanspoon

5) Streat Cart

6)Sensory lab
A bit pricey but great coffees. This place is hidden away somewhere in David Jones.

7) T Roy Browns
They are quite hard to find as it is small and hidden away in an alleyway just off Flinders st station. They opened in May and they have been successful ever since.
They don't do much food but they do a really stellar long black ($3). I had that and a jaffle (toasted sandwich for $5).
The guy there was one of those friendly hipster guys that you come across in Brunswick. That's why I say that this place reminds me a lot of Brunswick euphoria. T-Roy Browns on Urbanspoon

8) Patricia Coffee brewers

Patricia Coffee Brewers on Urbanspoon


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