Saturday, December 22, 2012

the grand bbq by Katherine

The Grand BBQ is a Chinese place in the city. They are a cheap eatery in the Target mall. When the RMIT business building used to be across the road from them many students used to come here. They still do to some extent..
All of their meals are under $11 and it comes with free tea. There is not much seating so I had to share with randoms today. If you don't want to share come earlier. I came at around 12.30pm and the place was packed.

There isn't much service. You order and you pay at the front counter. It's cash only. And then you go get your own cutlery and tea and condiments.
The waitress greeted me with a frown when I asked her to help me to carry my bowl to the table. It would be ideal for the waitress to at least serve the tables rather than call numbers and people get their own. That is what they are there for.
I ordered their famous "Yong Tau foo" for $10.50. You choose six things from the display (all of which are yong tau foo items I'm told), your choice of noodles and soup. I chose the rice noodles, chicken soup, dumplings (two kinds), seafood stuffed tofu, fish cake, dried bean curd sheets and I can't remember the other one. At $10.50 this is pretty cheap.

I loved everything except for three things:
* The soup had too much MSG in it
* The seafood stuffed tofu tasted like powder- not fresh at all.
* The dried bean curd skin was too dry and really hard to eat.

But I loved the rice noodles and the dumplings. Oh and the fish cake. The bok choy was just ok.

Next time when I come I would go for all of the above except for the dried beancurd skin, the chicken soup and the seafood stuffed tofu. I would love to try the laksa which smelt good. Only this time I didn't because I didn't want to end up with bad breath all throughout the afternoon
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