Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cumulus Inc

Cumulus Inc has been one of Melbourne's most talked about and visited places. About 116+ bloggers have blogged on about this place and this place is number 6 on Urbanspoon.
When I arrived at 11am this place was as busy as.
Cumulus Inc is a very spacious place. I t looks like a warehouse from the outside but on the inside it is a wine bar.
Here they do really great breakfasts and I had the $16 breakfast special which includes toast, egg in a cup (very messy to eat, but still good), preserves, yoghurt, fruit salad, coffee or tea and orange juice.
The also sell some of their products and their books.

Whilst waiting I got to check out the bathrooms. As there was only one cubicle there was a bit of a wait. Whilst inside I took a picture of their hand cream which is from Aesop. Cool hey!

I sat at the bar. At the bar you can see them pouring drinks and making coffee. And boy they do a stellar coffee!

I also checked out all the cakes. They looked lovely!

The toast and preserves was lovely. The preserves are homemade. Yay!I absolutely fell in love with the blueberry one.  And so too is the yoghurt. I can taste all the vanilla in there. Yum. I normally don't like rhuburb because of its boring taste, but today it was lovely and sweet.

I sampled some of the salt place on my table and I got to say that this is the best salt ever. Now I wish that more cafes had this sort of salt from the Murray.

The egg was done brilliantly. Now I have never had hard boiled egg in a cup since I came to Melbourne six years ago. Now if only the waitress explained to the international students that visits Cumulus how to eat the egg that would have been great. I had watch another table eat their egg and boy it's fiddly. All the yolk came out. I had to use my hands to peel the skin off the egg.

I know that there were some haters of Cumulus but I'm not one of them. In fact I liked them today and will be back to sample more of the menu.It's a good place to take your International guests and tourists as it represents the best of what Melbourne has to offer. The only other gripe I have about this is that they take card, but if you order less than $20 worth of food and drink and pay on card they charge an extra $0.50 surcharge for the card. In other stores I have not known for this to happen. At least they should have explained that on the menu so that one can withdraw some funds before coming. Luckily I had enough to cover me. The nearest atm is in Collins place just across the road.
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