Saturday, December 22, 2012


It was a really hot day and I was waiting ages for the train as per usual. I was dying of thirst so where did I go might you ask? Mamasita!
Mamasita is a Mexican restaurant that has gotten a fair bit of hype in the past year or two. Its the place that Melburnians love to go to for their after work drinks.
They were featured at the Taste of Melbourne and they are also in Cheap Eats Guide 2012. About 123 others have blogged on about this place so I must be the last one in the know about this place.
They don't just sell alcohol by the way they also sell Jarritos, a Mexican imported soft drink.

I sat at the bar and I saw them making lots and lots of cocktails for people. They don't champagne but they do Mexican style cocktails and tequila.

I know my camera's not great with the lighting

The atmosphere was lovely. At 4:30pm when I arrived it was quiet and I could easily get a seat by the bar. But 5:30pm everyone came and the place was packed.
The guys behind the bar were friendly. Unlike some other bars these guys were really friendly. They also knew their customers which helps. They also know their foodstuffs and if they don't just ask the chef, unlike some other places.
They have an open kitchen so I got to see everything that they made.
Everything on the menu is gluten free which is great and they also cater for vegetarians. You can also ask for variations if need be. Eg such as no dairy etc and they will happily accommodate for you.
Here I had their famous fish tacos which everyone loves. And their street style corn. I also added in another taco that was vegetarian.
All up my bill came up to $20.90. Tacos are priced between $5-$7 each.
With it came some salsa. This one didn't have tomato in it, but still I loved the onion and the cucumber which adds to coolness of it. It only comes free with tacos
I didn't like the fish one as much as the vegetarian one. The fish one was a little bit bland. The vegetable one was flavorsome and full of freshness. I loved the red cabbage in this. When I saw the pictures of this it tantalized my taste buds.
The street corn was quite nice today. It was char grilled. I loved the spices in this.Yum! I loved all the cheese on top. I wish I had this instead of the cold tacos at Taste of Melbourne.
I would love to come back again to try their quesedilla, something which I didn't get to try because I had other plans for dinner back home. Students and tourists alike this place is a must visit when you come to Melbourne

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