Saturday, September 29, 2012

The bell jar by Katherine

Today I went to the Bell Jar for a quick coffee. I read the 12 or more blog posts on Urbanspoon about this place. They were also highly rated in the Age cafe guides in the past few years.
The Bell Jar is on the way to Bundoora campus. Because it is quite small in size and in a place where all the factories are it is quite hard to find. It is just around the corner from the tram stop.
The Bell Jar does really good coffees and the owner (Stu I think his name is) owns a lovely cat which I got to pat. I think the cat really liked me because it sat right next to me and purred.

I think all of their food is organic and some of it is vegetarian. They have lovely blackboard menu which has their specials on it. Its not often you see these in cafes in Melbourne.
however it is quite often in cafes that the bathrooms are in the courtyard and up a few steps. You'd have to wear really flat shoes to get up those steps. And luckily I was.
The service was a bit of a hit and miss here, but the food made up for it. The food service was painfully slow and I had to wait ages for food when the place wasn't busy. The coffee however came out quick (it was a short black and at $3- what the?).
I don't mind that the staff eat in front of their customers to try the food. I do it too at Realfoods sometimes when I want to try a new product.
The food was really good and the staff are accomodating of your needs. Its often that staff are accomodating of someone's needs and requests and RMIT are not. RMIT (they are a university) are in fact opposite of this cafe. RMIT serves hundreds of students yet they are not accomodating of people like Sally with disabilities.
I had the ricotta pancakes ( $16- it should be a little bit less without the cream) without mascarpone as the mascarpone cream sometimes makes me feel a bit fat and has extra kilojoules that I don't need. It was a bit expensive without the cream but nonetheless I still liked it. I loved the use of half a pear and all the walnuts. Realfoods goodness. Yummy says I.
The coffee too was quite good- It had the hint of cherry to this as well as an acidic bite to this. Hence the bitterness. It was a tad bit smokey.
Now I know why the others loved the place. I shall recommend that Sally visits the place with me next time.
The Bell Jar on Urbanspoon


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