Saturday, September 29, 2012


Crossways is a little cheap lunch place next door to the RMIT Capitol theatre. It has been visited by many students, workers and bloggers alike.
It is a vegetarian place and you cannot bring any outside foods here. But that's ok I wasn't planning to bring outside food in.
It is a not for profit place and all the meals are homemade. You can have refills of the main as it is an all you can eat.

It is run by volunteers and the restaurant has received an award from RMIT university. I love all the pictures on the wall.
Although it was busy the service was quick. I was out within the hour.
The main meals change daily and there is only one special.
They have $5.50 meals for students and pensioners and $7.50 meals for everyone else.  It is cash only. It includes a drink, a main, pappadums and dessert. The main changes daily but todays main was a chickpea curry.
The curry looked a bit watery, but it was nice. I loved all the beans and vegetables and I love that they did 3/4 of a plate full of vegetables and one quarter of it rice otherwise I would not be able to finish this.
I love love loved the pappadums. They were huge and really crispy.
I have never had halawa before so I can't really comment on this. But halawa is sweet and loved the custard that came with it. And it comes with all sorts of different fruit inside. Today's flavour was pineapple.
Yum I would reccommend that everyone visits this lil place as it the cheapest and best meal you can get in Melbourne. And this is the sort of place that I'd visit with loose change.
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