Saturday, September 29, 2012


Yamato is a Japanese place. I didn't know that they were a branch until I got onto Urbanspoon and found out that they were.
The store in Exhibition st is not far away from my workplace.  It is tiny compared to the other store. But I loved the deocr inside. It was lovely and cozy and I felt like I was in Japan. I loved the table with the low seating.
But I didn't like having to walk outside and on lots and lots of pebbles and stairs to go to the bathroom. Now imagine if I was wearing heels... I'd fall. The bathrooms were a bit dirty and a bit badly maintained

Look how dirty this is

Love the steps- its a very Japanese feel

Other than that:

I had the yasai bento ($9.60) and the green tea ($1.20 per cup). The green tea was nothing much to write home about because it was so watery. But I loved some of the elements of the yasai bento. Yasai means vegetarian. I loved the fresh vegetables and the tempura and the seaweed salad was really good. It is hard to find decent salad and my salad had the nice chewiness to it.

Not entirely sure that I liked the Agedashi tofu though. it was a bit bland and there was no bonito flakes in it.

Am also not sure that I liked the rice though. It tasted like it was microwaved rather than cooked freshly. It was really hard to eat with chopsticks.

Whilst I liked that they used fresh vegetables in the wafu salad... I'm not entirely sure that I loved the dressing in this.

I'd like to come back with the Japan Club as they would love it. The restaurant takes bookings for large groups and they do dinner. This is much better than any other Japanese restaurants I have tried. I wonder why it doesn't have more exposure on Urbanspoon.
Yamato Japanese on Urbanspoon


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