Saturday, June 16, 2012

A visit to Sketch and Tulip cafe and Dolcetti

Sketch and tulip cafe is on the 57 tram route in West Melbourne. It is also a short walk from the Market.
This cafe had been opened for a few months and looked very attractive from the outside. It is kind of cute and quirky with a lot of artworks for sale. I loved the kind of bookish ambience that the cafe has where you can read and relax.
They are also a wine bar.
They have a 90% rating on Urbanspoon, yet the cafe seems really empty at 8.40am in the morning. I wondered why. For a cafe to be well liked it should be at least bustling with people. There was only one other table there.
Today I had an ok piccolo and really disappointing waffles for $13. The coffee didn't take long to make but the waffles took ages. I wondered why. One of the ladies was a little rude to me when I was wandering around looking at the artwork having secured a table. It took a while to get service when the cafe was virtually empty.

One of my waffles was really soggy and the other one was really burnt and hard to cut. I had a hard time trying to eat the waffle. All my ice cream had melted and the blueberries were really mushy. What they could have done to avoid the ice cream from melting and the blueberries from becoming mushy is to put then on little individual plates like Max Brenner does and then people can just put all the toppings on themselves. Therefore it will be presented much nicer. The waffles I think were of a frozen type and was reheated and overcooked.
Next time I'll only just visit for the coffee and not much else. I should have only just paid for the coffee but the guy was watching me like a hawk.

Next stop was Dolcetti across the road. Here they bake their own goodies unlike Sketch and Tulip. I heard that they also do coffee, but I just had breakfast and just wanted a sweet or two. Here everything big and small was priced $5 and under. They sell two different types of cannoli, nougats, cakes etc. It is heaven. I could easily eat breakfast for cheap. Everything here is Italian. Yummy.
Today I got the daily special of apple and raisin pastry for $4.50 to take away. This wasn't too sweet- it was just right with my coffee. All the apples slices were fresh. Know what else? They also had cake and meringue samples which I tried.

The lady there was lovely and she did smile. I think the next time when I'm in North Melbourne I'll check this out again. To all the people that visit Melbourne, this is a must try.
Sketch & Tulip Cafe on Urbanspoon Dolcetti on Urbanspoon


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