Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mizu in Prahran

This place is really close to the train station and a lovely place to wait for the train whilst enjoying tea. It is run by Chinese, but I had no problem with that.
Just opened in May last year and the place is already buzzing with people.All the locals in Prahran seem to like it. This fared a bit better than some of the other city places I have been to.
Yesterday I was at the train station waiting for the train and I was drawn in by the crowds outside and cute decor. But I already had lunch.
The ladies were lovely and they let me take my time over the menu.
By the time I came which was at 1.30pm there wasn't a lot of sushi left on display but there were a few bento boxes and I was keen to get my hands on the sushi and sashimi one ($16). To accompany that some green tea ($2). The green tea was nice and refreshing.

The sashimi which are thin slices of raw fish was nice and fresh. There could have been better sushi variety, but none the less I liked the sushi handrolls. But I didn't like the warm rice that was in the nigiri. It was too warm and vingary for my liking.
The beancurd was fresh and so was the vegetables.
For $16 for the box I could have gotten a lot more such as miso soup or maybe a bit of gyoza and dessert as well. This wasn't a bad lunch. I might like to come back for dinner maybe to try a Japanese banquet.
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