Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tofu shop

Tofu shop is a place on Bridge Road, which is about 15 mins by tram. Many trams service Bridge road.
Here it is really popular with all the vegetarians. Here your dietary needs are taken into account and they do everything gluten free and some things nut and dairy free. Everything here is organic. The most popular dish is the soyvlaki but I wasn't in the mood for this. I really wanted to try all the self serve dishes on display. In which I did and I thought wow.  It was delish. A medium plate for $16 and you get all this food. The food changes all the time and you get this with ginger, chilli and olives. Oh the ginger is to die for!!!! YUM! It also comes with your choice of dips which is made out of tofu.

Someone elses spring roll and rice
There is a soy ice cream, but I was too full for that. Oh well there is room for a next time. Next time I'll return with maybe Big Fil. Now here's where to go when Realfoods is not open.
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