Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lunching at J cafe

I went for lunch at J Cafe after reading everyones posts and the fact that they all enjoyed it so much. They are known for their sushi burgers. I went there once with a friend in my early uni days and not much has changed except for the EFTPOS policy which is a $15 minimum spend per person. ARGGGGH- I didn't have that much cash on me!!!!

Oh and they have a $12 per head minimum spend for dine in patrons. Its no problem I thought.

The service was a little abmisal at times and the toilets were old dirty and the lock didn't work. The older lady that worked there didn't smile one bit- she was really grumpy. The others were just fine. The wait for my food was a while, WHY???

The decor was nice though... it reminded me of Japan and a takeaway sushi shop. There is one intimate little dining area though and it is behind the takeaway area. There was where the bathrooms were.
I loved the communual area and would have liked to sit there, only that I was told "It was reserved" when there was nobody.

The other tables burgers- These are normally wrapped in paper

But the food made up for it. I had a cooked tuna burger ($5.50) and agedashi tofu ($8.00). The agedashi tofu (one of my favourites) was a little sour. Perhaps they used off tofu???? And there's too much sauce in this that made the tofu so soggy!!!!
But I loved the burger. It was made with two rice patties instead of burger buns and all the rice stuck together and was fresh.
If I was to get this takeaway it would be $4.50. And there are takeaway bentos for $11.80 with entree, salad and burger. MAYBE THEY COULD HAVE DONE THIS LIKE A takeaway bento instead of having everything separate. I should have not paid for it!!!!! I DO NOT PAY FOR VERY BAD SERVICE!!! I should have run away

Next time I'll only just visit for takeaway. And a tip to them: get rid of the grumpy lady and employ another lovely waitress. Oh and clean the bathroom and provide some soap. Or otherwise no one will visit for dine in, just for takeaway
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