Sunday, June 10, 2012

Carlton Espresso= loves it

Finally after my recent spate of bad eat places comes a good place....
Ta Dah... Carlton Espresso
Here this place is run by very friendly Italians and is located in friendly Lygon st. That which I have not visited in a while, due to it being out of my way.
The service was welcoming and unpretentious. The guy was nice.
It was bustling with uni students and the locals. There's heaps of seating inside and outside and on a lovely sunny day who would want to be inside?

Here they do really good coffees at about $2.50-$3.50 a pop. I had a short black and it was magical. It appeared in a cute cup.  Here it was bitter and acidic. I'm glad the Age and several Uni friends recommended the place as a "Cheap eat".
I loved the little piadina that came with it . For $7 a pop this was not bad and it had a decent amount of spinach in it. It also had a decent little egg which was freshly cooked. It was not oily which is good as I hate anything with too much oil in it.
Despite all the complaints on Urbanspoon about it being expensive and the hidden pork in one of the pastas, I'd happily come here again with some of my friends as I discovered that it is a short walk from RMIT.
Carlton Espresso on Urbanspoon


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