Sunday, June 10, 2012

Gogo sushi

Gogo sushi is a sushi train in Melbourne's CBD. It is cheap at $3.50 a pop and 730 days of my life seemed to really like it. They were the only blogger to have blogged about this place. When I last came here 2 years ago it wasn't as nice or as fresh. They seemed to have limited variety and everytime up until this year, I have always seen this place perpetually empty.
And then....
This year they have changed their menu and their chef it seems. Now they include bento boxes, tempura, agedashi tofu.
However the restaurant is still small, but it is now really busy.

I went in here with two of my other friends and we loved the food. Although a tad bit pricey $38.50 for 11 small plates, $8.50 for agedashi tofu, $2.00 for green tea and $0.50 for ginger each (X 2= $1). All the food was really fresh, especially the squid and the seaweed salad (remember Izakaya Hachibeh- well this is better than that). The agedashi tofu didn't dissapoint unlike the one at Izakaya Hachibeh, but I didn't quite get why the fruit was there.  The tempura was lovely. The inari was a bit small though; i would have liked it to be bigger for 2 pieces for $3.50 a plate. The egg ones were really good. For all the sushi they didn't use a lot of rice which is great for people with a small appetite.
The green tea was nothing to write home about. For a Japanese restaurant I would have expected Japanese green tea and not packet ones which I can do myself. The wait staff forgot to ask my friend whether he wanted drinks when he came later and joined me and another friend. They remembered to ask us and the others but not him. One of my friends wanted yakisoba but they didn't have.
We didn't have room to try the desserts.... but we will be back again soon and will try them and the bento boxes. Other bloggers should come here and blog about the place, as it is a nice place and their food is not too heavy.

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