Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dumplings at Dumplings plus with Japan Club

Dumplings plus is a place in the city that claims to make their own dumplings and noodles. Yummy I thought; this is good!!! I also checked out Urbanspoon and saw the positive reviews on this place.
This place sells a lot of dumplings, noodles and rice.
But their service is sloppy. My advice is don't book as they don't remember bookings really well. And if you do book a table to twenty they will likely split it into three tables right upstairs. There is no signage for the bathroom so I got lost trying to find it.
It was really noisy here, so it is hard to hear yourself.
I paid about $13.50 for my dinner that night. Between the six of us on one table we shared: the famous spring onion pancake, soup dumplings (which no one liked), beans, mapo tofu (hot and spicy one with lots of meat to it), sweet and sour pork and kung po chicken (which was way too spicy and not enough chook for anyone's liking). The spring onion pancake was a bit dull for my liking. It could have had a bit more onion to it or a sauce of some kind.

The soup dumplings were very soupy. The skin was way too thick and the dumplings were shaped weirdly.
Sweet and sour pork: The servings of pork was very small but they way too much vegetables. And the pinapple was too sweet for my liking. Did they really use canned pineapple? Or fresh pineapple?
I can't complain about the beans as they were just alright. And the mapo tofu was good though. It had enough of the wok hei and flavour needed. But rice could have come free of charge.
I don't know why Big Fil had a great experience here. I won't be returning, not unless someone paid me to as there are much better eateries on Swanston st and in the nearby Chinatown. There isn't room for this type of restaurant and I hope that they close down soon.

Dumplings Plus on Urbanspoon


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