Sunday, May 13, 2012

Red silks

I remembered coming here in my first year at uni in 2005. I remembered that I had the congee and didn't like it. I vowed never to come here again.
That is until...
Big Fil and his gang wrote a really good review on them. They went about a whole seven months before me and they said that the food and the atmosphere was really good.
The place is still there but there are a whole lot of renovations going onside and the stairs which used to be nicely done is now really sticky and bare naked.
The place feels a bit cold with the chairs needing to be replaced as well as the wooden floor. It is dark and dim and is more like a rooftop bar than a Asian restaurant.
I got here at 2pm and it was really dead quiet. The only other diners were the waiters and another group having a late lunch. Someone did want some takeaway.
Although service was really prompt; food was only just so so for the price of $9.80. Here I had the mee goreng, but it had this curry like taste and not enough wok hei to it. I love my mee goreng to have the right amount of soya sauce, chilli and onions. Oh and peanuts on the top, which this did not have.
The lychee drink was just ok. My guess is that the lychees were frozen not fresh which I hate.

Would I revisit or recommend it to anyone? No, not unless they improve their standards and get rid of the renovations. Might I suggest that they do not open for lunch but just for dinner where the diners don't have to put up with all that noise from outside.

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