Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mad Mex

Mad Mex is a mexican place where you can make your own tacos/burrito/quesadilla. It is located in the Dining hall in Melbourne Central and they have their own little booth. Here it feels like a beer garden. This will be really good for the Student Union to have their drinks with friends as drinks (mainly beer and tequilla is about $5-$7 per bottle).
They are featured in this year Entertainment book as a buy one main get one free in the takeaway section of the book.

The servers there were friendly with a bit of a smile.
A quesadilla is a type of Mexican style food where there is some sort of filling inside the corn or flour tortilla bread.
Tacos is another Mexican style of food which is popular in Melbourne. It is a taco shell filled with some sort of fillings. Here you can choose either chicken, beef or vegetarian tacos.
I had the quesadilla with chicken in it ($9.90, but buy this with guacamole dip and its $11.90). It comes with a tomato salsa, sour cream (which I didn't like.-it was the canned version.) and sauce (whichever you prefer). You can also choose the guacamole for an extra $2. You can choose the sauces; mild, hot or spicy. I chose the hot sauce.
The tomato salsa was refreshing.
The chicken was really well cooked and it was filling. It was very cheesy, so if you can't have cheese then you can't have this. It was messy to eat. Note: this is my first time trying it.
They also have churros (Spanish doughnut), but I didn't have the chance to try them as I was too full from my lovely quesadilla.
I shall come back with Big Fil as I know he'll probably like the place.
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