Wednesday, November 16, 2011

eat at Coffea cafe

Coffea cafe is a little cafe in Queen Victoria market. It is only open on the days that Queen victoria Market is open on.
Victoria market is at the heart of the city. Hence this place only accepts cash for purchases under $20. They sell wine as well as being a coffee merchant.
Here this place sell fresh vegan food and meals. They mainly sell sandwiches and appeal to the younger people. Here everything is priced under $10. Occassionally they do have $10 lunch specials online on Facebook.
My roll ($7.50) was freshly made and toasted. It was small, but good. The short black however ($3.20) was a bit meh.
The short bread ($1 a piece) was good. They also sell other biscuits there too for a $1.
Fil from Eat and be merry blog might like to visit here.

Coffea Cafe on Urbanspoon


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