Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lygon Food Store

Today I felt like I needed a coffee and I did not sleep very well at night. So I walked all the way from RMIT city campus all the way to the food store in Lygon st.
Here Lygon st is full of Italians and many Italian shops reside here. Lots of pizza shops and a couple of coffee shops reside here.  Therefore good coffee and food is expected.  The Italians love good coffee and food.
Here this place has fresh food some of which is for sale. Here they also sell pantry goods, cheeses and small goods which you can take home.
This place mainly specialises in paninis and sandwiches. Hence I had a crossaint with ham, some sort of Italian cheese and tomato ($6.50) and a short black ($3). The short black is nothing exceptional but I did like the crossaint. It is the best ham and cheese crossaint that I ever had (despite its messy appearance).
The owners there are from Italy, hence the spoken Italian at the shop. They are quite friendly with their customers. I would revisit if I really want a healthy lunch and can't be bothered making it.
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