Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Eat at Boundary Espresso

I heard about this place via the Age Good Cafe guide. I have also passed by it too on my way to Bundoora, but never went in.
Boundary Espresso is between Bundoora and City campus, but a little bit more towards the Bundoora side. It is about 25 minutes away from Latrobe and RMIT Bundoora and it serves students and young mums well.
Boundary Espresso is an organic place serving gluten free breads. Their coffee beans is from Coffee Supreme. This is the best quality of coffee that I ever had.
They also sell loose leaf tea by the bag.
The waitress served me with a bit of a smile. I think she is a student somewhere.
I had a short black ($3.20) and a turkish breakfast ($13.50), which was worth the price. With that I got a free small cup of mineral water.
The turkish breakfast was nice and filling although it did take a while to come because they were baking the eggs. The eggs was really nicely baked, no runny yolks. Some people say that this would be much better with sauce, but I liked it without sauce. Same as with the salad. It gave it that nice clean, rustic feeling which I like.
They gave my too many olives though. They also gave out butter, which looked a bit like cheese. But the feta was nice though.

Boundary Espresso on Urbanspoon
All in all I would come here again maybe this time with Big Fil.


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