Tuesday, September 20, 2011

sensory lab and lunch

Sensory Lab
Today I went to Sensory lab for my morning coffee. I felt that I needed my coffee after some rude guy on my tram pushed in when two people were getting out. He was really yelled at and there some sort of a fight. I among everyone else consider it impolite not to wait for people to get off the tram before they board.
I have read many reviews on Urbanspoon.com and found that everyone generally likes it. I have been past the place a few times and saw that they looked good and it was on my wishlist.
They have quite a few different origins and are happy to show you if you wait. I waited a while and they showed me and another person some of their origins. They have a place in South Yarra.
Sensory Lab on Urbanspoon

This looks a bit small for $4

Look how cute the sugar bowl is!

My piccolo- look how cute the cup is!

the outdoor area

So I went in today and ordered a piccolo and a ham and cheese croissant. I have never tried a piccolo before, but hey it was delish! The croissant was quite small for $4.  The piccolo was small for $3.80 but it was worth it.
The lady there was quite pleasant and so was the guy with the brown hair. Service was friendly and efficient and whilst I was waiting I wandered around the place taking pictures. Single origin coffees cost around $5 and sandwiches cost $8.50.
I would love to come here with my friends will happily recommend the place to Miss Adriennely.

Kim Sing restaurant
I went to Kim Sing in hopes for a cheap but good lunch with service. I have read on Urbanspoon.com that this restaurant was really good and they have $4-$8 meals here. What I didn't know was they had hardly any service and dishes and tables took a while to clean. For all I know I could be sitting on a dirty table.
I had the vegetarian egg omelette ($6.60 for a large serve). Whilst the omelette was nice and filling with vegetables, the rice was a bit meh. It came from the big rice cooker out the front. It was under the omelette. On first impression I thought that there was no rice.
I like the open kitchen and all but I wish that they would clean the floors, tables and cutlery.

Look at the floor- I can see a dirty rag there!

More rubbish on the floor.

I hope the health inspector comes soon and fines them!

A dirty mark on the table which was there when I got there

Nespresso coffee tastings
After lunch I went to a shop called Nespresso. It is a boutique coffee shop where they blend their own coffees, (see previous post on Nespresso). I missed out on going to the Taste of Melbourne where they had their coffee tastings. So I made up for it by going today. I am still learning about coffee and developing my palate
I got to try two coffees; one is a decaffeinated coffee and the other is a ristretto in their new flavour.  The ristretto is small and very bitter. It is hard to taste sweetness in this. I didn't know that a risoretto is quite small. I thought that it would be big with lots and lots of milk on top.
The decaf latte fared a bit better.
The machine

Nespresso's brown and white sugar sticks

How cute is the spoon!

A ristretto set

Kim Sing on Urbanspoon


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