Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Eat at The Boulevard cafe (Poyntons)

The Boulevard cafe is in a nice quiet spot on the Boulevard along the Maribynong river. Here it attracts walkers (such as myself), students (such as myself), families and the elderly that live in the surrounding areas. It is in zone 1 and the bus 467 is just around the corner and up a hill (if travelling from Moonee Ponds  station you just need to catch the bus outside the station and alight at the last stop). Or if you are travelling from the city and newmarket you can catch the 57 tram to Maribynong Park and then walk on the path for about 15 mins. Or you can ride your bike there and park it at the bike racks outside. There is car parking too. Today was the first day of the school holidays and there were a few parents with their young kids in there.
They do have a lovely courtyard outside and the cafe is inside the nursery, so you can see all the lovely plants as you enter the cafe.
The manager there is quite lovely and I think he really likes his customers. They are a part of the Entertainment book program where it is 25% off the total bill, but somehow I threw it out because the last time I went there the food was pretty average. I went there after my walk to enjoy a iced chocolate, seeing as it was a hot day. I figured I might give them another chance.

All the meals there are pretty pricey. The prices range from $7 (for a bowl of chips) to about $30. The salads were very pricey too. And I saw that someone ordered one of the salads and the serving looked tiny.
The service here was a tad slow. It took a while for me to get a menu and be seated. I think the waitress forgot to ask whether I was here for coffee or what. She did ask someone else later on if they were here for a coffee, and they WERE WHITE CAUCASIAN!!!!
The tiramisu that I ordered was darn expensive for a small piece! It was $8.30. It was a small piece with not much but lots of cream. So my guess was that it was only $4-$5 per piece. The iced chocolate however was decent and I can't complain. This is much better than the one at Max Brenner where it can cost anywhere between $5 and $8. This one is not as sweet as the one at Max brenner which I love.
If you were to come here again, I'd advise you not get the tiramisu, but the other cakes and waffles as they are much better value. And go for the coffees (Cafe Mio range) and chocolates.

UPDATED 31/10/11- I've actually tried their coffees and they are not bad. The blend is quite fruity and a little bit winey. I also tried their muffins. It was crumbly and the icing when melted stuck to my hands.

Some other sights of the nursery. It is a plant shop after all.

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