Friday, August 19, 2011

padre coffee @South Melbourne market

Look how nice the latte looks

The list of coffees that you can buy and take home

You may recall previously that I talked a bit about Padre coffee in my South Melbourne blog post. Well today was a rather cold and dreary day and I had the chance to sample a mocha (about $4 I think @ Padre coffee). Padre coffee does their own blend of coffee and they have different blends on sale. They have limited food on sale but they do have some nice looking pastries.
They have limited seating but there is seating outside the cafe in the market area.
The mocha was nice, but I think it should have more chocolatey bits to it.
I got to sample a feta, egg and spinach tart ($3.50 each). Whilst this was nice, it would have been a bit better if it was heated.
I recommend this place for Eat, play, shop to try as there is ample pram space outside the place and plenty of kiddies things next door to try!. This place is in zone 1 and about 15 mins tram ride from RMIT city campus.
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