Thursday, May 5, 2011

PerkUp Cafe

I went to PerkUp on a public holiday. I was going to go to one of the good crepe shops around but they were all closed.
The place was cramped and they had no toilets. This is the same with some of the other places near the train station.The closest one is in Southern Cross station. There was very limited seating inside. It would be hard when it rains to find a spot to sit. My guess is that they are trying to save money on the rent, as rent in Southern Cross is very high. Although the server did not speak good English, she was friendly. Due to a public holiday and the trackworks outside, not many people came. When the server talked about it, my guess was that it gets quite busy here.
I ordered a Green Tea ($3.80) and a Spicy Pumpkin wrap ($7.10). The pumpkin wrap was good, but really spicy. It was also really small for the price I paid. It was nice and warm, which makes we want to come back and try their soups in winter. Their speciality is Turkish bread sandwiches, but I wasn’t too hungry and the wraps appealed to me. For dessert I had their signature Yoyo ($2.50) and homemade Lindt tart ($2.00). The Yoyo was huge with lots and lots of cream. I like cream but not a lot of it. The yoyo was a little bit cold to my disliking. I think it stayed in the fridge overnight and then in the early hours of the morning they took it out and defrosted it. I loved the Lindt tart. The chocolate tasted like the sweet Lindt chocolate that you would find in a Lindt shop.
Some of the things that they sell

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My wrap


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