Friday, April 15, 2011


Cafenatics on Urbanspoon

            I went to Cafenatics in QV this morning, upon seeing that it is a popular place. My guess was that the food and drinks are very good (like Melbourne style). Melbourne style coffee and food is the best in Australia. Melbourne is known as the food capital of Australia and if you are visiting Australia, you’d be silly not to visit Melbourne.
Anyways, enough about that. I had a soy hot chocolate and thin Mediterranean vegetable sandwich for $10.50 altogether. This café serves quite a few vegetarian meals as well as sandwiches and wraps (which is a great option for the health conscious like myself).
I really loved the Mediterranean sandwich.  The feta and vegetables really melted in my mouth. The wrap bread was just right, fresh and not too old and stale (like some of the other bad cafes that I have been to). I had to eat this by hand, as they did not provide me with a proper cutting knife, but a butter knife instead.
The soy hot chocolate was very chocolaty and sweet, just the way I liked it.


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