Sunday, May 22, 2016

Gramercy Bistro

Gramercy Bistro is a bistro in South Yarra and we used our Entertainment card. With it we got 25% off the total bill which was $32.50. What that meant was that we got the drink for free.

Gramercy Bistro is in a hotel and its right on a tram line. It is about five minutes from Prahran station. It is in front of the market and we can see the signs of a new market coming.

Lemon lime and bitters

Crab spaghettini

There is ample parking at the place. The parking is outside Woolworths.

The service was fast and friendly.

The pasta was $28 and it took about five minutes to come. When it did it was good with the cheese. The pasta was al dente but it was Barilla pasta. For that price I expected homemade pasta and bread. Many places offer free bread. There wasn't much seafood in this and I would have liked more.

The breadcrumbs added another dimension to the pasta. It added that crunchiness.

The lemon lime and bitters ($4.50) was really good and drinks are their specialities.

Rating: 16/20- great but could have done more.
Gramercy Bistro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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