Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Grand Trailer Park Taverna

Almost everyone in the blogosphere has written up about this place and I have not. Many of these reviews are positive and at that place there is a positive vibe about it.

The Grand Trailer Park Taverna is up some stairs and above from 7-11 below. There is no tram stop at the corner of exhibition and Bourke but the tram stop is at Spring st. The place is close to QV

Here they don't sell onion rings but they do sell a mean serve of Mac Cheese Croquette ($4.2). It is seriosuly that good. That and the chips. Now the chips come in two sizes a small ($2.8) and a regular ($5.50). Most people went for the regular, but I was not too hungry so I went for the small.

All the cheese was oozing out of there and they used the Easy Mac to make it. I love Easy Mac and it is seriously good.

Meh the chips were alright but they were just chips

They specialise in burgers but I wasn't hungry so I went for the croquette and the chips given that it was quite latish when I came and sat down. There were a few people waiting in line.

Rating: 14/20- more mac puh-lease

Do come for the MAC and the burgers and do try and come at lunchtime or after 7:30pm if possible or otherwise you'll need to wait for a table
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