Friday, March 6, 2015

The Community Grocer

The Community Grocer is a volunteer run and a not for profit grocery pop up store in Carlton. The fresh fruits and vegetables and eggs are from Melbourne Wholesale Supply. It is run every Friday from 10:30am-2:30pm and there is a free BBQ around 11am which is mostly vegetarian.

The volunteers are very friendly and helpful and you too can be a volunteer.
Corn for about $1-$3 per bag

Someone's homemade lunch which looked good


All the food is under $5 per kilo and its all fresh. They use fresh bread for their BBQ and they do have drinks for the kids.

I bought a banana and apple for $1 altogether. The apple was a green one and it was quire tart and the banana was really sweet. The produce is grown on someone's farm and they sell it for quite cheap here.
Free bread

The second time I bought an apple and an orange for $0.65 altogether and made this wonderful fruit salad using this produce and my own fruits.

Do visit this healthy, low cost store which runs every Friday.


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