Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Inspirationery launch

Inspirationery is a stationery business which has started on Pozzible and they need as much money as they can to run their local business. It is started by a local lady called Cassie who wanted people to get in touch with their inner selves.

Nowadays too many people are on computers and in chat rooms. Not many people use the lovely handwritten notes to write love letters and well wishes to people.

Yes there is food and lovely bands last night but what would be better is champagne and chocolates. For $25 I would have expected that a little bit of the money goes to the developing world, but a lot more of it goes to providing little bottles of Prosecco and chocolates, even dinner from Bourbon st which is a lunch catering service and it is $10 a pack.
Vegan ice cream for sale at $6 a pack


Cake pops

Wine glasses

However I loved the kombucha and the disposable cups. But as the paying guest I would have expected a goody bag of some sort.

The cheeses, ham, dried fruit and biscuits were very lovely. And so was the wine from Kooks wine. But as a paying customer I would not want to pay that again. 

 Many thanks to Inspirationery for having me and do support them on Pozzible by placing a bid for their stuff.

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