Friday, June 13, 2014

Mona Lisa Cafe by Claudia

Mona Lisa is an old traditional cafe in the heart of Lygon st. Here they pride themselves on service etc. When I came they were training someone in a very friendly manner and whilst I waiting I enjoyed watching the newbie

The service was very friendly and the decor was quite inviting. There wasn't many people in that place at around 12:30pm when I went.


They have outdoor and indoor seating

I had bought the Groupon for $3 which included dessert of your choice, wine (well in this case, juice since I don't drink) and coffee (up to $4.50. Includes hot chocolates). I chose crepes for my dessert.

The crepes had that artificial strawberry syrup which I didn't like. But it din have real cut strawberries and the crepe was made nicely. They took the time to make a great crepe.

Oddly my hot chocolate came after my crepe and bruschetta. I thought that it would have come first, along with my juice.

My bruschetta was fresh, except I made a bit of a mess with it. But oh well it was fun to eat. I loved the fresh tomato and vinegarette in the bruschetta. I also loved the onions.

This is a must visit place for students and they are always looking for part time employees so do hand your resume in.

They have a Facebook page. 

I'd like to return for a candlelit dinner with my friend. It's a lovely place to take your date that doesn't break the bank.

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