Saturday, December 14, 2013

La Cassolette

This is a sponsored post as the owner invited me to try this place via email.

Owned by the same guy that runs Roule Galette, Michael Dubois. There are no crepes here as Michael found that they didn't so well in crepes at this location.

I dined as a guest at the same time as the Eat and Be Merry crew. I didn't expect to see them as I hadn't seen these honest foodies in the last two years.

I got complimentary olives to start off with. I loved the sweet tomato dressing as it got rid of some of the saltiness.

Michael was my waiter. Born in France, he was quite easy going and friendly. They even showed me their kitchen. Their kitchen was clean and had that country feel to it. I could say the same for the rest of that restaurant. It had that relaxing atmosphere which reminded of France in the countryside.

For drinks I had their homemade iced tea ($4). In the cup you might think its some sort of an alcoholic drink, but its actually not. The iced tea was very lovely.

Michael suggested that I try the flambe scallops ($25) and the smoked salmon with potato ($15). The Flambe Scallops is one of their famous dishes in the place. Here the scallops are cooked at your table and it is flamed with cognac or Grand Mariner. You get to watch the flames. OOOH fun.

The smoked salmon was really nice and the bread gave it that nice touch. I loved the scalloped potatoes in the middle which had that nice cheesiness to it.

The flambe scallops with the mashed potato and salad was really hard to finish. Its better to share between two if you have a small appetite. Overall I loved this dish. The scallops are from Lake Entrance in the south of Victoria. The mashed potato had that lovely creaminess to it. The salad was much better than the ones in the other cafes where it was always overdressed. This one didn't have any dressing which I like. This too was fresh.

Nice and simple food is the way to go. They do dessert as well, but I was too full from the main. But the Eat and Be Merry crew had the pannacotta. I would have loved to have given this a go. There is always a next time especially with this place.

To be honest, I really did like the place for its authenticity and simplicity. I'd love to recommend this to my students. I would give it another go.
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La Cassolette


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