Sunday, October 6, 2013

Victoria Cake shop in Footscray by Katherine

 Victoria cake shop has been around for years and it is owned by an Asian family, so it might be something that Kenny from Consider the Sauce might like.

They are about a minute's walk away from the train station. But the only problem is that they are opened at 8:30am which is not great for early morning commuters that want their breakfast fix.

They are a take away store. Like Breadtop, they are self service.

They don't just sell yummy cakes which I have had before, they also sell savory and sweet buns. And they do freshly steamed buns such as the chicken, red bean, custard and combination buns for under $3 each.

I had:
Triple spring with ham bun ($1.90)- was the best ever. It was nice and soft and freshly baked. The ham gave it a really nice texture and it was worth it.

Egg custard bun ($1.50) I usually love this but this one was a little bit dry. I love the sweetness of it, but this one fell apart whilst I was eating it on the way to the station.  I sometimes get the combination bun ($2.80) and that's enough to fill me up. Kenny might also like this one.

I had the Mexican bun ($2) which tasted like peanut butter. I love this flavour. It was soft and this is the only place that sells them. I think Kenny might like this one as it is so cheap but filling.

I would encourage students to visit Footscray once in a while as there are many cheap eats to be had. When I'm in Footscray again I'd like pay another visit.
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