Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mr Burger

As part of our At home and Abroad series

Mr Burger is a food truck serving up Melbourne's finest burgers.
They are based at Queen Victoria market in Therry st and are there 7 days a week for lunch. they also do other sites.

They are primarily a take away joint. They are also cash only.

You go up and you order your burger. They can do variations if need be. You can add a lovely side of chips to your order for $3 (small size) or $5 for a large size. They also have $5 for both drink and chips.

I got the veggie burger with chips ($13). The burger is $10 and a pretty decent size. If only they didn't wrap it so tightly then it might have been less squashed and less messy to eat. I didn't like eating a really messy burger. All the mayo went on my hands.

But nonetheless I loved the veggie pattie and the crunch of it as well as the cheese and the lettuce. Pity they don't have pineapple and egg, otherwise it would have been an Aussie (Australian burger)

I was so addicted to those chips. They were nicely seasoned with chicken salt. Nicely done too I might say.

I encourage thee to follow them on Facebook and Twitter. They are so better than Grilld anyday I say.
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