Sunday, August 11, 2013

Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery by Katherine

Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery is a Chinese art gallery in the city near the Law building. Here people can relax to their hearts content.

I have always wanted to visit the place, but every time I went past it was closed.

So it was to this day that Kenny from Consider the Sauce and I went there. Kenny had always wanted to try this place, since he doesn't go to the city very often. I wanted to meet up with Kenny.

This tea house is a small and quiet one.  But at lunchtime it was really busy with everyone ordering the bentos and noodle dishes. Their $12 bentos changes daily. But everything here is vegetarian and healthy.

This is a Buddhist place where all the monks are.
This is a good place to get away from the office and read a good book.

The service was friendly.

Kenny was into the Curry Laksa ($12) and really liked it except for the mock meat. He loves homemade curry sauce and this is what that just has. He loved his noodles.

Me, I was in the mood for dumplings so I went for the noodles with vegetarian dumplings ($10.50). For me I really loved the dumplings. I also loved the mock meat crumbs and the tofu.. The noodles were just ok, if not just a slightly bit overcooked.

 We also shared the curry puffs ($8 for 4). They were just to die for. It had the right amount of spices in there, but it also had the texture of pumpkin.

I was just mesmerised by the teapots and the tea with sweets. I was going to order tea, but I just didn't feel like it.

I stole one of their sweets though at the counter. But again this was free.

I wouldn't mind coming here again, even with Kenny and Lauren

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