Sunday, August 11, 2013

Taketori by Katherine

This is a sponsored post as they have asked me to come and review the place.

Taketori is a new Japanese place on King Street next to Victoria University. They had just opened a week ago and they emailed the team asking us to try the place. Sally was not free that night- she had class, so I went instead.

The place itself is clean and very homely.

The place is owned by a Japanese family. The owner Annie is quite nice and friendly. She was willing to show me many pictures.

 The sushi bar does remind me of Sake with all the fresh fish on display.  But the restaurant itself is not as expensive as Sake.

Given that it was a few days ago that they opened, the restaurant was rather quiet. Only one other person dined there. But there was also someone else that came wanting alcohol with his meal, but they don't have their liquor license yet. Annie said that they have applied for the license but it has not been approved. How slow is this government?

I don't mind a quiet and tranquil place. In fact I love it. But if its a little too quiet it might not be good for business.

They have an opening special of 20% off the total bill.

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I sampled the Chirashi don ($21.90), green tea, Agedashi tofu and the salmon special. Chirashi don is raw fish, egg omelette and other toppings on top of sushi rice. The rice was cold, but it was nice and vinegary. The fish was really fresh. I loved the saltiness of the mackerel fish. The egg was a little bit small but it was done nicely. It was made by the chef that used to work for a really well known Japanese restaurant in the city. The sushi chef is Japanese.

The Agedashi tofu was really good, but where were the bonito flakes? I would have liked to have them but I didn't mind the trimmings on top. In fact I loved the ginger one. I wasn't sure what the other one with the red things was.

The green tea was authentic Japanese green tea and it came in a cute pot.

When my Salmon lovers special came I was almost full. This is best for two people. You can choose between Salmon and tuna and I chose the latter. The tuna was really fresh and was cut well. The sushi was good.

I would be happy to recommend the place any day to everyone working in the city.  I would love to come back and try the tempura dishes and the Zaru Soba. I hope they also run some sushi making classes like Sake and be on Groupon to attract more customers. I think Fatboo will really like place, along with The Hangrybitch and other bloggers. I hope Annie has invited them. Oh and good luck with the liquor license.

Note (updated on the 18/4/2014)- Taketori is offering Entertainment book members 25% off the total bill, so do buy the entertainment book from us

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