Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Royal Derby by Katherine

The Royal Derby Hotel was opened in 2010. In mid 2012 new owners had taken over it and the place was renovated.

The owner wanted to promote the place and so they did by Groupon. There was $20 deal for this, so I jumped online and bought it. I knew how expensive pub food can be. The deal is $20 for $40 worth of food.

They are primarily a pub that caters for uni students. They have their uni student nights on Thursdays where drinks are cheap. On Sundays they have their $15 roast days. On Fridays they have a $12 lunch special which includes drinks.

It was eerily quiet when I went there at 12pm. This is not a great sign for businesses, especially if there are lots and lots of other pubs around. There were only one other couple there.

It is right outside of a tram stop. From the city you can take the 112 tram and get off at the corner of Alexander Parade and Brunswick sts and its across the road.

You order and pay at the counter.

It was so worth it. I had the vegetarian burger and lemonade. I also ordered some takeaway chips ($7 it came in a huge box) and wedges for Sally and our friends. They were in class by the way.

The veggie burger came with chips and salad. I loved the beer battered chips- they were nice and crunchy. Wasn't too sure about the aioli. I thought it was a little too garlicky for my liking.

The burger is the main part. The bun was soft, but a tad bit too dry for my liking. I loved the beetroot relish. The lettuce was fresh and crisp.

The veggie was nice but sadly it fell apart. I loved the melted cheese on top though. Yummy.

On the way back to city I sampled some of the wedges and gosh they were highly addictive. It was hard to stop myself from eating these. Sally and our friends loved them as much as me. For $9 the box of wedges was huge and enough to feed all of us.

I will recommend the Groupon deal as there is more value in that. And if you do get the wedges and chips share them.
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