Monday, July 22, 2013

Hashi by Katherine

Hashi is a cheap Japanese eatery in the city. A few days ago I got an email from Groupon for a $7 bento. So I looked it up online and there were a few good reviews for that place. So I thought yes, I'll buy.

And so I did.

Hashi is just off Latrobe st between the corner of Latrobe and Queen st and Latrobe and William st, So it was an easy find for workers and students like myself.

They sell takeaway as well as regular Japanese food. 
It is run by Japanese.

The owner was rather friendly when I walked in and he didn't mind letting me eat in.

I had the vegetarian curry set which included salad, soup, rice, pickles, potato salad and the vegetable curry. Normally it is $13.

Everything was homemade except for the miso soup which I guess it was store bought. I loved the homemade curry except it had too much curry sauce and not enough vegetables. But other than that it was filling. My curry was just a tad cold though so I sensed that they must have microwaved it. It came five minutes after ordering. But I loved all the vegetables in this.

I loved the salad. It was freshly made and I loved the citrus dressing in it.

I had ordered extras as well. I had the Agedashi tofu (a must for every Japanese place- $5 for three big pieces of tofu), inari (another must- $1.80) and green tea ($3). The inari fell apart and some of it fell in the soya sauce.

But the Agedashi tofu was brilliant. I loved the moving bonito flakes. The tofu was fresh and was filling. For that price that I paid it was great.

The green tea was real Japanese green tea.

I'd recommend others to buy the Groupon deal and visit. You won't be disappointed. Another tables seafood bento looked really good. It is a bit out of the way for me but if I'm going to court that day or Flagstaff gardens I'd be happy to pay them another visit.
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