Friday, May 24, 2013

Eating my way around Footscray by Katherine

Footscray is known for the cheap and wonderful food. I used to visit it when I was in my early years at uni and didn't know any better about safety. Here I introduce some of the really great places that I have been to.

1) The Footscray market- here this market is in the heart of Footscray. I remembered visiting this small supermarket frequently as well as other places. Here they had bread rolls for $0.60 and fresh fruits and veg for just a few dollars per kg.

Footscray market- image courtesy of

2) Nhu Lan and To's bakery- Here is where I bought my Bhanh mi and my salad breakfasts whilst rushing to the Footscray station in the mornings when I had no time and I was starving.  You order your Bhanh mi and salads at the counter and they will make it up for you freshly. All the foods were under $5.
Nhu Lan- courtesy of

3) Hao Phong- this is a Vietnamese restaurant that I used to go to. They did quite a good pho (noodle soup) for about $9. Every time I went I used to just get this.
Hao Phong- images courtesy of Urbanspoon

4) Hien Vuong- this was also another pho place that I used to love. Its very close to Footscray station and here I got quite a decent serve of pho for under $10. I sometimes bought a three coloured drink for $3.50. There are two of them and I went to both of these in my early days.
Hien Vuong- image courtesy of Urbanspoon

Hien Vuong 1 on Urbanspoon Hien Vuong on Urbanspoon Nhu Lan on Urbanspoon
So students if you have time particularly during the day time I suggest going to visit Footscray. But do be careful though and don't visit it alone as there are a few drug deals. It might be better just to go as a group. All the places listed above are right near the train station, but also trams and buses go past it too.


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