Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Merrywell Downstairs

The Merrywell is a big bar which is at Crown. It has two levels; an upstairs and a downstairs. To get there take the number 96 tram from Bourke st or the 109/112 tram from Collins st. The tram stop is right in front of the restaurant. The exhibition centre is opposite the place. So it would be a good place for those wanting to relax after their conferences and expos.

The two levels represents the two sides of this place; classiness and cool. The Downstairs bar is cool and not as expensive as Upstairs. Upstairs is more classy and expensive.

The Downstairs bar was really busy and noisy. The music was loud and pumping.

They have a 4pm-6pm everyday special of burger and pint of beer for $15.

I was served by a lovely lady. You order and you pay at the bar and they give you a table number. And then you wait a little while (not long though). There was one lady who frowned though whilst I was there.

The bathrooms are at one end of the bar.

I had the veggie burger (The boom burger) which was $12 and a side of onion rings. The boom burger was very pestoey. I could hardly taste the feta in this. I could taste a tiny little bit of hummus in there.

The onions were a little bit oily and too salty for my liking. But I loved the deep fried goodness. If only it had a little less oil and salt it would be better.

I want to return and try the Merrywell burger with french fries ($22) which looked really good. I'd advise students just to come here on special occasions as it can be a bit on the pricey side (except for the pint and burger deal which is great for students)

Note (updated on the 15/4/2014)- The Merrywell Upstairs has an Entertainment book offer of 25% off the total bill. You can buy the book from us here.

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