Sunday, March 17, 2013

Shopping at DFO

Is part of our careers and business development series.

DFO is everywhere in Melbourne. But the one that we went to was in South Wharf. If you are travelling from the city get the number 96 tram at Bourke st (sometimes it goes down Latrobe st)

What you'll need is: a MYKI, yourself, patience (finding your way around) and heaps of cash (btw there is only or two atms in DFO and not all stores take card).

Get off at the Crown casino stop and turn right. About 10-15 mins walk down that way and past all the restaurants you'll find DFO.

Inside DFO its a maze. Before you come you should work out which stores you want to go in. Have a look at the list of stores here. There are three levels.

There is plenty of parking at DFO but it is expensive. To cut the costs of parking simply spend at any DFO store and pick up your parking voucher. Now we don't drive so we have no idea what the discount is.

Plenty of places inside DFO have 50-70% off their marked prices and many of them have good quality stuff. I've just bought a pair of shoes in there for $50 from Diana Ferrari (a shoe store known for corporate but comfortable work shoes).

There is also Kate Hill where you can buy corporate looking bags and things for under $100.

At Glo weave we saw a bargain of three work shirts for $99.

And for those that love to wear heels to work, Tony Bianco has a 20% off sale on shoes.

For cheap beauty products there is a little stall which sells everything for $20 and under.

There is this ice cream place called "Dolce" which we love. Its the only one in South Wharf but they have 2 scoops for $5 and their gelati is the best. Its great for when you want a break and can't drink  (or don't feel like) coffee or any of the other stodgy and expensive options in the food court.

There is a homewares section in DFO but we'll leave that for another time.


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