Sunday, March 17, 2013


Darac is a Korean and Japanese place. Here it has been blogged about by 24 other people.  It is ranked 99 on Urbanspoon out of 100.

It is across the road from the SAB building.

When I went on Friday lunchtime it was relatively busy with students and workers.

Everything here is so cute!!!!
The place in itself was dark.

Whilst waiting for my food which did not take long, I visited the bathrooms and they were cute and clean. I couldn't help but take a picture.

Here they have $10.50 lunch specials but if you want a large plate its an extra $2. Here you can choose three dishes and it comes with salad. I had the yaki spaghetti with Chicken Teriyaki and Agedashi tofu. It came with salad and bread.

If you don't like the thought of having the lunch specials you can order other things such as Bulogi and Bimbap.

My meal when it came out was so big. I couldn't finish it all. But yes I did like almost everything, except there was too much onions in the chicken teriyaki.

The agedashi tofu was so small that it was cute! But I loved it because it was light and cooked well. I loved the chicken teriyaki except there was too much of it.

And I loved the spaghetti.

The salad came with a little too much vinegar. Had it been a little less I would have liked it better. The lettuce was fresh.

The tea ($2) was Japanese Green tea and it came in a little cute pot.

I highly recommend this place for all students at RMIT and elsewhere. I would have liked a discount but seeing as the food is cheap and good there is not much need for one. Actually they have loyalty cards where if you visit more than five times then you get an item for free. Now that's another good reason for visiting.
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