Saturday, March 9, 2013

Friends of the earth Cafe and Volunteering

As part of our careers series

Friends of the earth is a great not for profit organisation. Here you can volunteer for them. 

They sell a great range of organic foods here. Everything is vegan and vegetarian.

They are environmentally friendly and they do have campaigns. You can also buy groceries here and you can fill your own jars and bags.

They also have a lunch plate for $12.That and their breads and cakes and drinks.

Like Realfoods volunteers get free meals and drinks. But the Friends of the earth Volunteers get 15% off their groccery bills.

The cafe is friendly and down to earth

The food and the drink was really nice. I had spent just a little over $10 for a donut, cookie, phoenix organic drink and apple.

All in I wanna go there for lunch and write a proper review on them.
Friends of the Earth Cafe on Urbanspoon

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