Saturday, March 9, 2013

St Ali Northby Katherine

This place is right behind a bike shop so you might not be able to notice it at first. It was a nice sunny day when I came.

It was on the day of the RMIT careers fair (they were held at the Royal Exhibition Building about 10 minutes away by the number 96 tram).

St Ali north is the sister of St Ali South. Both of them are within easy distance from the city. From the outside it looks like a truck container,but when you go in its a different story. It is open 365 days in a year.

They roast and sell their own coffee beans in a jar for $12-$16each. According to one of the baristas it is "to make it visually attractive". And it is.

At 11am when I came the music was a tad bit too loud. It seemed more like a bar in there even though they are kid friendly. They have crayons and things for the kids.

But I wasn't here to buy coffee beans. I was in here for a coffee before heading off to the fair. In here I got two for the price of one (one coffee is $3.50 (cold drip or not)). The guy called "Andrew"gave me another as a special treat and it was a special blend.
My cold drip was sweet like chocolate and very acidic.

I got that and their sweet sixteen($17.50 for one brioche and peaches as well as bacon ice cream). I have never had bacon ice cream before so I was willing to try and loved its saltiness from the bacon. It was creamy and homemade. I wonder how they do it so well. The bacon gave the ice cream and the dish that really smokey flavour

I also loved the peaches. They were caramellised nicely and the mint worked really well to give it that nice refreshing treat.

Despite what people say on Urbanspoon about it being cost cutting and all I encourage them to keep up the good work.
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