Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Little Bird Told Me by Katherine

A Little Bird Told me is a new speciality coffee place in the city. They had just opened a few days ago and already it is busy.
It is very close to RMIT city campus and the SAB building. Hence when uni starts this place will be very popular.

It is run by a lady who loves interior designing and a guy that worked in both Small Batch and Seven seeds.

The interior of the place was designed by her and it is quite warm and lovely. The flowers were really pretty. It looks like a wedding space (warm and beautiful).
They have plenty of seating and it is good for groups to sit and chat about their assignments. They have pretty good WI-FI.

To add to the effect of it being a good study place they have plenty of reading materials.

It is an organic tea and coffee place, but they will soon have more foods for lunch and stuff. They are just really busy getting set up. They do have EFTPOS but it is $20 minimum.

Here they do stellar coffees. I had a long black ($4) which I enjoyed. It smelt like cinnamon and had this really fruity taste.

Their cakes vary from day to day and the owner told me that they were really popular. They are made by a guy called Matt Forbes who is a Michellin star and he owns his own business.

I also had a marshmallow cloud ($4.5) and a big cookie ($5). The big cookie was really crumbly and sorry I left all the crumbs behind.

The marshmallow cloud was lovely, tangy with lots of lemon inside and melted in the mouth.

Hopefully they will have some cupping classes soon. This will be one of my favourite places nearby campus. Students if you want a really good coffee that is nearby campus and can't be bothered with STAX then here is where to go.
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