Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Borek Bakehouse

The Borek Bakehouse is on Elizabeth st next to Jasper Kitchen. Here they sell lots and lots of Turkish goodies. All for under $10 and made fresh on the premises. I could see them making the stuff as I walked past several times from the Market to uni.

It is a small shop.

These are the pizza. I'll have to try this next time.

They don't have much seating.

It is run by two lovely Turkish ladies who were happy to help me out when I needed

They have two tyeps of vegetarian boreks ($3 each) and three choices of gozleme ($5 each). They also have salads and coffee.

And I heard that their sweets are pretty darn good. They have halva (a turkish sweet).

But my collegue and I were in a hurry so we both bought boreks. Mine was the spicy potato one and hers was the spinach one. She liked hers and I loved mine. Except mine was a little bit cold. But I loved the doughy goodness. All for a cheap price.

I would love to come back and try the gozleme as it does look nice.
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