Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Moat CBD by Katherine

The Moat is a relatively new place at the State library. Its already been opened since Feb 2012 and already many bloggers are talking about the place.
We love the library feel of books and more books and old rare things. Things you don't see everyday. We love the old fashioned tea cups and plates.

I got to admit it is nice sitting outside in the outdoor area on a nice sunny day. I wonder why many people don't frequent this treasure often. Is it because of the cost? Or the food? Nope not the food. The food and drinks are amazing for the price paid. Is it because it is hard to find? Maybe. But I know its just on the other side of ths State library underground. Is it because people think that they need to dress up to access a place like this? So not true, you don't need to dress up to visit.

So my friends and I visited on one sunny afternoon and we loved the teas. Mine was a green and hers was a peppermint. The green had a really nice flavour to it. A pot of tea is $4.50. Not bad for the atmosphere of the place and the tea itself.

They do wonderful gluten free meals here. They in fact smell like Realfoods in a sense that it is warm and very homely. I could just sit here for hours sipping tea. But I also had a very yummy chocolate cake ($4) and a macaroon ($2.50). When I saw the macaroons I thought "Wow. I just had to have them. They look amazing." And they were.

Now I just found a new organic place that I can go to when Realfoods is closed for the semester and I can suggest that you try it out.
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